Character Creation Guidelines

25 point buy

You will all start at 2nd level with 500xp

You must have three traits, one of which must be a campaign trait

I will be using the same d6 bonus system for rewarding great roleplaying as I did in Reign of Winter

One character in the party must be able to deal with traps

One character must have Ancient Osiriani as a language (this is allowed as a starting language)

In the party as a whole, someone must have Knowledge (Religion) and someone must have knowledge (nobility) or (history)

Leadership will be allowed

You can also worship or even be a cleric of one of the ancient Osirion gods (I can give you more info on that). Deities with a tie in to the AP are Pharasma and, to a lesser extent, Nethys.

Allowed source books: Anything published by Paizo that you own EXCEPT Unchained and Advanced Race Guide

Types of challenges the party will face quite often: Undead (including haunts), constructs (lots of hardness and DR), vermin, swarms, monstrous humanoids, outsiders, humans. Also, poisons, diseases, curses, the occasional high strength check and flying enemies

Everyone must have a story (even if it's brief) that connects your character to each of the other two (it can be a different story for each, or one for all three of you).

Your character must have a person in the city of Wati to whom they are connected (this can be a npc you make up, or ask me to make up, or one of the existing npcs in the city. It could be someone as close as a relative, or as removed as the person who runs the inn you are staying in. You also need to let me know why your pc is wanting to enter the tomb looting lottery (are you motivated by treasure, or discovery, or religious zeal, or something completely different?), and why you are in this particular group to do the tomb exploration, and you need to have a name for your group too.

Character Creation Guidelines

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