Cleric 13

Cleric (Separatist)

Nationality – Dwarf (Five Kingdoms Mountains)
Alignment – LG
Deity – Torag

Str – 12 (14)
Dex – 11
Con – 14 (16)
Int – 16
Wis – 21 (23
Cha – 12

1 – Toughness
3 – Craft Wondrous Items
5 – Craft Arms and Armour
7 – Selective Channeling
9 – Extend Spell
11 – Reach Spell
13 – Echoing Spell



Rukh and his character in a few words is that he takes old things and makes them new.

He and his dad, Gogrin (Priest of Torag), were in the Qara to help establish it. When it was destroyed, they were one of the families to escape. They ended up in Wati where Gogrin tried to connect with the Ouat Dwarves for several years, but wasn’t able to get much traction. They returned to Highhelm, but Rukh would return to Wati every so often to preach Torag.

~10 years ago, he started getting some traction and has been living as a Priest of Torag (Separatist) with the Ouat Dwarves in Sothis. The Ouat caste is pretty anti-tradition, so he teaches a variant on Torag doctrine which borrows a bit from Pharasma. The core of traditions are sacred, but all things, including traditions must be renewed and made relevant. The church is barely accepting of this practice because they see it as a foot in the door with their long-estranged people.

He’s been hearing rumors of a golden eyed paladin running around, helping Wati, and he’s come to investigate.


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