Aziz Minkah


Paladin 15

Paladin (Undead Scourge)

Nationality – Osirian (Garundi)
Alignment – LG
Deity – Pharasma

Str – 16 (22)
Dex – 12
Con – 14 (20)
Int – 10
Wis – 10
Cha – 21 (25)

1 – Fey Foundling
3 – Greater Mercy
5 – Power Attack
7 – Leadership
9 – Fearless Aura
11 – Improved Critical (Falchion)
13 – Critical Focus
15 – Staggering Critical

Magical Knack


A local priest of Pharasma knew of a prophecy that a he would find a golden child and that that child would protect the village of Qara from a great evil.

Aziz was a kind soul who helped in any way that he could; farming, hauling, building. He was completely content to stay in Qara.

Very little happened until an ?evil being? killed most of the village and subjugated the rest. Eventually, a Paladin arrived to challenge it. In the ensuing fight, his/her sword was thrown to land in front of Aziz. He picked it up and charged the being, stabbing it. After that, nothing.

Until, a half remembered conversation. “… still be fulfilled… not ready… peace in justice…”

Then he was brought back to life in Wati. The priest is tutoring him in the ways of Pharasma while he learns to fight the undead.

Aziz Minkah

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